The eldest son of Fidel Castro found dead : the World : Vladim

News 2 February, 2018

The eldest son of Cuban revolutionary Fidel ángel Castro Diaz-Balart, was found dead on 2 February. Among the versions of the death of the experts are inclined to the version with the suicide of doctor of science.


Media reported about death of the doctor of Sciences angel Diaz-Balart, being the eldest son of Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro.

The deceased was associated with the policy, the version of the connection of his death with the struggle for power in Cuba is eliminated. During the life of Diaz-Balart received his doctorate in the field of physico-mathematical disciplines, and also participated in the development of nuclear energy in Cuba. However, as incompetent in the leadership of the construction of one nuclear power plants, was removed from his post. Later, the scientist returned to the Ministry of heavy industry, and in recent years he was scientific adviser to the Chairman of the state Council of Cuba.

Before death angel Diaz-Balart for several months arrived on the treatment of depression in the hospital.

In 2016, 90 years of age his father died díaz-Balart, Fidel Castro. The scientist died at 68 years old.