The elected officials of Bas-Saint-Laurent want to force Quebec to extend autoroute 20

News 29 March, 2018
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    According to the Collective, the folder of the extension of highway 20, is a priority given the safety issues of individuals and economic development.

    Simon Gamache Fortin

    Thursday, 29 march, 2018 19:22

    Thursday, 29 march, 2018 19:22

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    The absence of funding to extend highway 20 between Trois-Pistoles and the area of the Bic in the recent budget, quebec pushed the Collectif régional de développement du Bas-Saint-Laurent.

    Elected officials and prefects of the region unite their voices and call for the return of the project in the québec infrastructures plan quickly.

    According to the Collective, the folder of the extension of highway 20, is a priority given the safety issues of individuals and economic development.

    “There is a need to remember [to the ministers André Fortin, Jean Love, and the prime minister Philippe Couillard] that they have responsibilities. You do not want it to become an electoral issue on the 1st of October, but that it is a rule”, writes the prefect of the MRC of Rivière-du-Loup, Michel Lagacé.

    The planning of the work, only, may take years. For that studies be conducted, it is necessary that the project be included in the plan. Elected officials have filed a unanimous resolution to make the pressure on the government.

    “We want that regardless of the governmental bodies that are currently there versus those who will be there always or the news that there will be for the next four years, you want absolutely that this folder there is assets. It is to be taken in hand, that something is done, it becomes a realization,” explained Guylaine Sirois, chair of the regional Collective development of the Bas-St-Laurent and prefect of the MRC of Témiscouata.

    Route 132 is the only road link of importance between Trois-Pistoles and Rimouski. According to the data of the Collective, the road was closed five times, or more than 100 hours from December 2017, due to weather conditions or accidents, thus isolating the Bas-Saint-Laurent and the Gaspé peninsula from the rest of Quebec.

    It is a stretch strongly exposed to the wind. These closures have significant economic impacts, in particular for the transport of fresh products.

    A second link of importance would provide another option of serving in emergency situations. At the beginning of January, the bomb weather has forced the closure of highway 132 and the City of Rimouski has experienced a major breakdown of drinking water that could lead to a lack of water.

    “When the CISSS has considered the possibility of evacuating the hospital in view of the fact that there possibly was a lack of drinking water, route 132 was closed, there was no alternative,” explained the mayor of Rimouski, Marc Parent.

    The prime minister Philippe Couillard will be coming to Rimouski for a breakfast supporter on the 14th of April. According to the member for Rimouski, Harold Lebel, Mr. Couillard will need to address this folder must. He hopes for a clear commitment on his part given the pressure of the elected representatives of the region and the opposition to the extension of highway 20.