The Embassy of Ecuador stated that Assange is not clean and stinks In the World : Vladim

News 13 January, 2018

Representatives of the Embassy of Ecuador in London, has left numerous complaints about the lack of hygiene Julian Assange. According to representatives of Quito, the founder of WikiLeaks “is not clean and smells like a pig.”


Such accusations were addressed to popular Internet journalist, founder of the world renowned information portal WikiLeaks, which published the most “hot” news leaks from a variety of sources. Representatives of the Embassy noticed that the unpleasant smell coming from Assange, was the reason that he wanted to evict from the Embassy.

Recall that Julian Assange lives in the building of the diplomatic mission of Ecuador for the past five years. His assistant named Daniel Berg said that while eating Assange does not enjoy the devices, guided only by their own hands to take the food, then it wipes out the leftovers on his pants, which become very fat.