The Emperor of Japan prepares to pass the throne to a successor

News 23 December, 2017

December 23, Emperor Akihito of Japan celebrates his 84th birthday. The intention to abdicate, he reported in August of last year, but in my birthday he took another step towards the resignation, he expressed a desire to begin transferring chrysanthemicola throne successor, Prince of Naruhito.


Their intention Akihito explained to a respectable age, which complicates his burden of government. Earlier in Japan did not go and speeches about that the symbol of the nation resigned voluntarily and before you go to the other world, but Akihito, the government of the Country of the Rising Sun met them halfway. The law on the transfer of power was adopted only for the current Emperor and will lose strength after ascending the throne of his successor.

The exact date of the transfer of authority is not called. Earlier were talking about the fact that the ceremony will be held on 30 April 2019.

To congratulate the monarch’s birthday arrived approximately 46 thousand of his subjects, seven thousand more than last year. Akihito warmly thanked for the warm words and wished peace and tranquility. From the day of the enthronement of the current Emperor, his birthday is celebrated by the Japanese as a national holiday.