The escaped prisoner returned to the colony with food packages In the World : Vladim

News 28 January, 2018

In Texas, an escaped prisoner, caught when he returned to the place of detention with bags full of food, alcoholic drinks and tobacco. It turned out that “contraband” food was homemade.


In Texas this does not happen for the first time. Early from a Federal prison in beaumont escaped prisoners. They came to the ranch, restock food and drinks, and then went back. The cops found out that the inmates are there waiting for the truck with provisions and other goods, wide and not very consumption. In the area where they parked the car, law enforcement officers installed hidden surveillance cameras. It has been calculated, Joshua Hansen, who is serving a sentence for drug-related crime.


When 25-year-old prisoner returned to prison, he was already waiting. Police caught Joshua withdrew from it three bottles of brandy, a bottle of whisky, tobacco (several bags), as well as snacks and an abundance of homemade food, including bratwurst, and grilled chicken.