The ex-mayor of Mascouche, Richard Marcotte ate at Tony Accurso

News 27 January, 2018
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    Tony Accurso

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    Friday, 26 January, 2018 19:11

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    JOLIETTE | The son of businessman Tony Accurso said Friday during the trial of his father that he had been very friendly with the ex-mayor of Mascouche, but his family had not been to the event when Richard Marcotte became the mayor.

    Jimmy Accurso told the jury at the trial for breach of trust from his father that Richard Marcotte had given him lessons when he was little and he came regularly to eat at the house of Accurso.

    “He was playing tennis with my father and remained to supper with Shirley [his wife] “, he said.

    Jimmy Accurso remembers when he learned that Mr. Marcotte had been elected mayor of Mascouche. According to him, the family had not been case. If Mr. Marcotte had financial troubles, he didn’t know.

    Although he worked in the company of his father, Jimmy Accurso said he never participated in the negotiations of contracts.


    The Crown has shown in the beginning of the trial that Tony Accurso has signed a cheque of $ 300 000 which was deposited in the account of a company in Panama. It was then poured 270 000 $ in a Swiss bank account owned by Richard Marcotte.

    The Crown attempts to show that this money was intended to get the contract for the rehabilitation of the wastewater treatment plant for the company, Simard-Beaudry, owned by Tony Accurso.

    Since the beginning of his defence, on Wednesday, the lawyer of Tony Accurso has tried to demonstrate that MESSRS. Marcotte and Accurso were friends for a long time and that the money had nothing to do with contracts.

    “Not for business “

    Besides, the housekeeper in the residence of Tony Accurso since 2008, Nicole Garceau, testified Friday of the many meetings between his boss and the deceased mayor of Mascouche.

    Richard Marcotte was going to dinner once a week at Tony Accurso, ” she says.

    “In the summer, he came every Wednesday evening. With the joint of mr. Accurso and mr. Marcotte, they were taking a glass, and then they play tennis, and after they ate. In the winter, it was every Saturday night, ” said Ms. Garceau.

    For her, there is no doubt that the two men were great friends.

    “They spoke of everything and nothing. They were laughing about. I’ve never heard of the business “, she said.

    Entrepreneur Tony Accurso to testify Monday in his defence.