The ex-number 728 laughs for his audience

News 20 July, 2017
  • Photo Pierre-Paul Poulin
    The ex-police Stéfanie Trudeau has heard three other witnesses to tell their version of the facts of the arrest muscled Julian Menezes, on may 20, 2012.

    Hugo Duchaine

    Friday, 21 July, 2017 00:01

    Friday, 21 July, 2017 00:01

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    The ex-number 728 laughed more than once yesterday when a cyclist as she stopped five years ago has complained to the police ethics Committee, his attitude aggressive and vulgar.

    According to Christian Morissette, the ex-police Stéfanie Trudeau “was looking for trouble” the night of may 20, 2012 when she would have injured, insulted, and threatened Montreal’s Julian Menezes, who is at the origin of the complaint against it.

    Photo Hugo Duchaine

    Christian Morissette


    Ms. Trudeau is accused of having held of offensive comments based on ethnicity, to have used excessive force and have illegally detained Mr. Menezes. After pleading guilty last year, it withdrew its plea.

    Mr. Morissette is the cyclist stopped for a few minutes before in the Plateau-Mont-Royal by Stéfanie Trudeau and his colleague Constantinos Samaras because he had no headlight on the front of his bike.

    Stopped at a red light to the right of the autopatrouille of two officers from the SPVM, the cyclist showed them the finger to a car that was turning left on a red light a little further away.

    The police have instead made note of his flagship missing and would have told him that “when there is a red square, it closes its mouth and it comes to us,” he testified. It bore the symbol of the student strike on the shoulder strap of his bag.

    Pedals in the calves

    The two agents would then got out of the vehicle and reportedly fired shots on the bike of Mr. Morissette, who has felt the pedals to return to him with pain in the calves. This remark earned a first smile of Ms. Trudeau, present at the hearing.

    Stéfanie Trudeau, then a few millimetres of his face, he would have said that he ” had the face of a slobbering “. Mr. Morissette allegedly told him to give him a ticket, he ” did not want any trouble “.

    The ex-number 728 would then become respectful and would be returned in the autopatrouille.

    This is where the cyclist was approached by Mr Menezes, his wife Judith Sribnai, and their friend Lisa Blake. They found that he seemed to be frightened, and wanted to use them as witnesses, because he said that he felt targeted because of his red square.

    But Christian Morissette would have rather told to leave, repeating that according to him, the ex-police ” looked for trouble “. In listening to it, it has launched the looks exasperated.

    The Montreal-told how he saw Mr Menezes to be thrown to the ground, and then handcuffed by the ex-employee number 728. He then said that he saw the autopatrouille from a “speed dangerous and not justified” for a street in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, which again makes you smile the ex-police.

    Christian Morissette, who has paid his ticket, thought that his arrest would have rather been able to serve as an opportunity to do some popular education, when the ex-police was asked what were the regulations on the headlights of bike.

    Once again, Stéfanie Trudeau has not been able to hold his smile in front of the witness.

    Yesterday, Lisa Blake and Judith Sribnai have also given their version of the facts of the arrest, Mr. Menezes and told how they looked in two police stations when the police left with him without an explanation.