The ex-taxi driver denies any block

News 11 July, 2017
    Karim Chikhi (photo on the right)

    Nicolas Saillant

    Tuesday, 11 July 2017 20:35

    Tuesday, 11 July 2017 20:35

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    The former taxi driver accused of sexual assaults on the three complainants refutes block the accounts of those who say they have been embraced by force by the accused.

    Karim Chikhi was presented to the witness on the second day of his trial to essentially completely negate the charges of sexual assault of the three complainants, as well as a charge of fraud. The accused stated “no recollection” of the two victims who say they have been embraced by force by him.

    “I don’t remember “

    “I do not remember to have onboard someone in cowboy, it is impossible “, said the accused, in speaking of one of the complainants who was returning from a Halloween party. A comment that was also repeated for a lady who claims to have been escorted back, and then kissed her with the language of force by the driver, who is also an engineer.

    As to the third victim, he remembers with details of the trip, Chikhi said to have “pushed” the 56 year old woman saying ” have understood his little game.”

    For the charge of fraud, the father of two children had been paid $ 60 and not $ 200 to help a complainant in a state of intoxication advanced to find his hotel. The accused was presented as a good samaritan who wanted to do everything to help the woman to return to port. The cross-examination of Chikhi will take place today.