The extramarital relationship of a doctor turns into a nightmare

News 17 December, 2017
  • Photo Pierre-Paul Poulin
    Juan Carlos Cordoba


    Hugo Duchaine

    Sunday, December 17, 2017 01:00

    Sunday, December 17, 2017 01:00

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    A plastic surgeon of Montreal risk of being disbarred for five years for having had an extramarital relationship with a patient, who has turned into a nightmare when they threatened and harassed his family.

    “It is inexcusable what I did […] I am ashamed to be here, ashamed for my colleagues and shame of having failed as a father “, said Dr Juan Carlos Cordoba before the disciplinary Board of the College of physicians last week.

    It has found to have committed serious professional misconduct in having sexual relations for several months, to October 2015 to march 2016, with a patient whose identity is protected.


    She was consulted to remove a cyst, and the doctor explained to the trustee of the College, having yielded to the advances of his patient. Their mutual attraction is as well transported his private clinic Aesthetica of Westmount, at the residence of his patient, and to the hotel.

    Before the disciplinary Board, Juan Carlos Cordoba testified that he realized that this relationship was unhealthy, and that is why he has chosen to put an end to five months later.

    But his patient was far from seeing things the same way, admitting the same to the trustee to have lost the reason to the result of the rupture.

    Dr. Cordoba said that she started to threaten him of death and the call all hours of the day and the night, and then to call his wife and three children. She was spying on, even his parents ‘ home and sent her pictures by phone.

    After a course of swimming, she followed her two teenagers, making them enough fear so that they can go take refuge in a police station, where the woman has finally been arrested.

    “There are so many victims in this story,” said the lawyer of the assistant syndic of the Collège des médecins, Jacques Prévost, claiming for a sentence of five years of radiation, and a $ 2500 fine.

    He added, however, that he did not have ” a lot of empathy for what happens to the professional [Dr. Cordoba] “, on the grounds that it ” did not abuse its privileges to pervert the relationship [between a doctor and a patient] in something else “.

    “Abuse “

    “It eats away at the College [of physicians] for years this kind of behaviour that does not cease […] This is abuse, to call it by its name. It was for him and him alone, that it was to say no, ” pleaded Me Prevost.

    The lawyer of Dr. Cordoba, Marc E Platt, felt for his part that his client does not deserve a cancellation of six months and a $ 1000 fine.

    “The facts are not disputed, the effects are,” he said.

    It is also an injustice to his client, who could not have known at the time of the alleged offence that the government would change the law to impose more severe sanctions against sexual misconduct.

    The disciplinary Board of the College of physicians has taken the case under advisement and issue its decision within three months.