The family Rozon could make a profit of$1.1 Million

News 13 January, 2018
  • Jean-François Cloutier

    Saturday, 13 January, 2018 01:00

    Saturday, 13 January, 2018 01:00

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    Gilbert Rozon and two of his sisters could make a profit of $ 1.1 million if they get the asking price on a luxurious home of Charlevoix is purchased at André Desmarais, copatron of Power Corporation, in 2005.

    Gilbert, Lucy and Luce Rozon went on sale at the end of 2017 a country house in The la Malbaie area for $ 2 million. This is 1.05 million $ more than the price paid for the property in 2005, according to the documents consulted.

    It is a price that is much higher than the municipal valuation, which places a value of $ 1.26 million to the whole.

    Guests of prestige

    Archival Photo Chantal Poirier

    Gilbert Rozon

    The house, built in 1914 and comprises a total of 33 rooms including 12 bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It is equipped with a reception room and a lounge with panoramic views. It enjoys a plot of over 21 000 square metres.

    According to a description of a broker, it has been ” used for 10 years for the reception and accommodation of politicians, artists and athletes.

    It is also “well equipped to continue on this path,” according to the broker.

    In fact, it is equipped with a swimming pool, a sauna, a barbecue in the woods, a ” kitchen scale “, in a cold room, a laundry room and other, depending on the broker.

    The family Rozon has made the acquisition of the house in 2005 to 950 000 $.

    It is the co-ceo of Power Corporation André Desmarais, who has sold the property. He had himself purchased $ 175,000 in 1988, an accountant from Montreal.

    Balance of sale

    So unusual, the Rozon have then paid only $ 500,000 of the amount due at the time of the transaction. Mr. Desmarais gave them a balance of price of sale, commonly called a “balance of sale” for 450 000 $.

    The three members of the family Rozon had to pay back $ 450,000 in a single payment without having to pay interest, within a period of five years.

    They have paid their dues in 2010, to Mr. Desmarais. They were then entered into a new mortgage for 803 000 $ on the property from a financial institution.


    Contacted yesterday, one of the brokers responsible for the sale, Éol Breton, said that the sale price shown of $ 2 million would not necessarily be the one received on the sale. He also said that the capital gain that would be realized by the family Rozon would be taxed in a proportion of 50 %.

    Gilbert Rozon, owner of the Just for laughs Group, is referred to by many of the allegations of sexual misconduct towards women.