The father of a schoolgirl from Samara broke the head to her classmate

News 13 December, 2017

At the end of November in Samara the media coverage of the news that a student of one of the Samara schools was in the hospital with severe head injuries. Cause a severe concussion and open cranial injuries became aggressive and the father of the schoolmate of the boy.


Not so long ago, an incident occurred that plunged all parents of students in shock: the father of the schoolgirl of one of schools of Samara struck the head of the classmate of his daughter. As reported by consequence, on the eve of the tragedy the children had a fight during school hours. The boy hurt the suspect’s daughter, and she complained about her abuser at home parents. The next day the father of a hurt child came to school and decided to “educate” the offender’s daughter. The man struck two major blows to the boy on the head. After such “educational work” the child was in the hospital with severe head injuries. According to recent reports the boy is alright and he was discharged home.

The solution SK of the Samara region, the man have got criminal case. As you know, he works as a Deputy Director of one of the companies for gas production in the Samara region. The man pleads guilty and said that was just in the heat of passion.