The father of Athena Gervais “very happy” with the withdrawal of FCKDUP

News 5 March, 2018

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    Monday, march 5, 2018 08:10

    Monday, march 5, 2018 08:15

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    The father of the young Athena Gervais, found dead in a creek to Laval last week, after having consumed at least one drink highly alcoholic FCKDUP, welcomed the completion of the sale of these cans.

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    Sunday, groupe Geloso in Laval has announced the definitive cessation of the production and the sale of the beverage FCKDUP. The withdrawal of the tablets should begin on Monday.

    In a text message sent to the reporter from TVA Nouvelles Marie-Anne Lapierre, Alain Gervais has also indicated that it wants to end the sale of these drinks are very sweet and high in alcohol establishments close by.

    “I am very happy; I would like to now that the law limits to 6.5 % alcohol [beverages sold in convenience stores. A thousand thanks”, he wrote.

    Recall that according to this it has been possible to learn, the young Athena Gervais would have consumed at least one drink FCKDUP, 11.9 % alcohol, last Monday over the lunch hour. It subsequently fell into a creek located behind the school, where she was found three days later.

    Citizens in agreement

    Several citizens met by TVA News were supportive of the ban of sugary drinks high in alcohol, such as FCKDUP and Four Loko.

    “It is accessible to everyone, and it’s dangerous,” said a young woman. Was said, she died because of it. I think it would be good that this be removed. It is not normal that young people under the age of 18 years can have access to it, as there is nearly 12 % alcohol.”

    Another woman does not involve their prohibition, but considers that these drinks should “go to the liquor Corporation can be, if they want to sell”.

    “There’s a lot of sugar in there; a bottle of wine, it does not compare with the fake”, for its part, considers a man in agreement with a withdrawal of the tablets of this range of products.

    “It is a disgrace that it can be available as easily. There are products that are marketed to attract clientele and they know very well that they have a social responsibility to consider.”