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News 14 February, 2018
  • Christopher Nardi

    Wednesday, 14 February, 2018 19:55

    Wednesday, 14 February, 2018 19:55

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    OTTAWA | The controversial race of the Formula E of Montreal has received the first prize yesterday, but it is far from an honor. For its grant of$ 34 Million to the event, which attracted little crowds, the City has received the low prices desirable “Teddy” city. This trophy in the shape of a pig is awarded to the most important wasters of public funds by the canadian taxpayers Federation (FCC) in the past 20 years. In total, the organization, which serves as a watchdog of taxpayers, has awarded four prizes to the “winners” in the categories of federal, provincial, municipal and award Recognition. The Journal presents the winners and a few finalists in each category.

    Category municipal


    “The Formula E(xtrêmement expensive)” of Montreal

    The City of Montréal has distinguished itself in the organization of this event by being the first city in the history of the circuit to be commissioned at the height of$ 14 Million. However, the flagship project of the ex-mayor Denis Coderre has been a fiscal fiasco, while only 15 000 of the 45 000 tickets have been paid, while the rest was distributed free of charge. In total, the FCC estimated that the event cost$ 34 Million to taxpayers montreal before the mayor Valérie Plant put an end to.


    The management of the circulation of the “most expensive” of Montreal

    The City of Montreal has also been selected for the fact that she was using until recently of police officers paid for that extra time to make the management of traffic around construction sites. “In the majority of large cities, they are civilians who are caring for 26 $ an hour. In Montreal, some police officers received 125 $ an hour “, was surprised that Aaron Wudrick.

    A staircase of 10 000 $ in Toronto

    The City of Toronto has attracted the wrath of its citizens when it announced that it would cost up to $ 150,000 to install a small set of stairs in a steep slope in a park. Scandalized, a citizen has hired a roving to build a staircase for $ 550. In the end, the City has everything taken down and rebuilt in concrete for $10,000.

    Category provincial


    The plan is Fair Hydro Ontario

    Last year, the premier of Ontario has proposed a plan, which would reduce the cost of the electric bill of Ontarians. However, many reports have subsequently revealed that the government had to borrow money to freeze rates until 2021, after which they would increase 6.8% per year. The auditor general concluded that the plan would cost finally, 39 G extra$ for Ontarians.

    Category federal


    The ice rink at$ 8.1 Million of Heritage Canada

    The ice rink installed for a few months before the parliament this winter at a cost of$ 8.1 Million earned the mocking of the FCC rules. To add insult to injury, the director Aaron Wudrick made fun of the rules “fools” that the government had tried to impose, such as a ban on taking selfies.

    “They have placed this rink a few hundred metres of the Rideau Canal, the outdoor skating rink, the most famous of the country “, was launched, the head of the FCC, Aaron Wudrick.


    The payroll system Phoenix public Services and Supply Canada

    For a second year in a row, the pay system failed in the federal government was nominated for a Teddy federal. Since the launch of the system in Phoenix in 2016, a staff member two has had issues with pay and the situation continues to worsen. To date, the system has cost nearly$ 1 billion to Ottawa.

    Price recognition


    The public art program of Calgary

    Since 2004, the City of Calgary needs to invest up to 1 % of the price of a municipal project in public art. However, this has led to all sorts of creations bizarre, such as a metal sphere to 221 000 $ located in the fenced backyard from the centre of the repair and maintenance of the fire department, or a ring of giant blue $ 470,000, that even the mayor had said that it finds ” hideous “.