The federal Crown claims nine years against a Montreal

News 18 August, 2017
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    Ismael Habib, a Montrealer who has also lived in Gatineau, attempted to leave Canada to fight within the group islamic State in Syria.

    Michael Nguyen

    Thursday, 17 August, 2017 20:47

    Thursday, 17 August, 2017 20:47

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    The first adult quebecers guilty of terrorism should serve as an example to deter Canadians wanting to join terrorists abroad, has hammered the Crown, which calls for a sentence of nine years in the penitentiary.

    “It is necessary to counter the global phenomenon of foreign fighters,” said to Me, Lyne Décarie, Thursday, when commenting on the sentence to be imposed on Ishmael Habib at the palais de justice of Montreal.

    Habib, 29 years old, wanted at any price to join the group islamic State (AE)between 2014 and 2016. As it was already filed by the royal Canadian mounted police and that his passport had been revoked, he had tried to pretend to be her twin brother in order to obtain the precious document.


    His plan has not worked, so well that he started to look for other ways to travel in Syria. It was there that he met a criminal group, who offered him to make him cross the Atlantic in a container. What the terrorist didn’t know was that it was the police who tried to him to extract a confession.

    In an interview with the “boss” of these fake gangsters, Habib had said that he wanted to leave to wage jihad. This would allow him to die a martyr and get 72 virgins, as indicated by its beliefs.

    “He marries completely the ideology of the AES, he knows what he embarks, has pleaded Lyne Décarie. He was not there to put the bandages. “

    At his trial, Habib had sworn to have made his confession to make it interesting, but judge Serge Delisle didn’t believe him. He had also tried to explain that he wanted to go save his wife and children in Syria, but then again, he did not convince the magistrate, who has even been called a “hare-brained” the story of the accused.

    Too severe

    If Charles Montpetit, of the defence, agreed that the sentence must deter those who are tempted to imitate Habib, he finds that a sentence of nine years imprisonment is too severe.

    “Nine years ? Nine years for a young man who has no criminal history ? It would take how many years for someone in organized crime to receive such an award ? “

    All the more that nothing in the evidence suggests that Habib wanted to commit a terrorist act in Canada.

    “He said [to the fake gangsters] that he did not believe in the benefits of terrorism in Canada “, added the lawyer.

    According to Me Montpetit, a sentence of six and a half years of penitentiary would be more appropriate, the more so as he has been held since last year.

    “In all this, there is suffering, he has no news of his wife and of his children, a part of him wonders about the merits of his ideals, if it was all worth it. “

    Habib will have his award at the end of the month of September.