The first ever nuclear attack from space in Canada happened about 40 years ago : In the World : Vladim

News 28 January, 2018

It turns out that about 40 years ago a satellite of the USSR, who worked with a nuclear reactor, landed in Canada. It was the first and until the last blow that was dealt to Canada with the orbit of the Earth.


Then the territory of Canada was infected because of the nuclear reactor. Human life was saved. Now modern astrophysics exploring the sky to see where will fall the Chinese orbital facility “Tiangong-1”.

According to some, on modern ships has no nuclear fuel, though, as scientists say, the use of nuclear reactors in space was the best, then solar panels were working a limited amount of time and only under certain conditions.

It was assumed that nuclear reactors would remain on an orbit that will not take care of their burial another 250 years. However, the fall of the Soviet “Cosmos 954” in 1978 stopped flying reactors into orbit. Then, the United States and Canada spent about $14 million to eliminate the consequences, putting the expense of the USSR.