The flag of Quebec was 70 years old

News 21 January, 2018
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    Michael Labranche

    Sunday, 21 January 2018 10:27

    Sunday, 21 January 2018 13:34

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    The fleurdelisé festival, this Sunday, her 70th birthday.

    On January 21, 1948, in the morning, he was given the status of “official flag of Quebec” and 15h, it replaced the United Kingdom at the top of the central tower of the Parliament building.

    The Library of the national Assembly of Quebec, said today, on Twitter, that it is not exactly the flag to which we are accustomed. The lily flowers tend to point towards the center. This is the first quebec minister of the time, Maurice Duplessis, who has made the decision to put the flowers in the vertical.

    The flag of #Quebec city at the age of 70! Here is the first flag that was flown on the tower of the Parliament on 21 January 1948 at 15h, following its adoption by order-in-council #assnat #history #encejour

    — Library Assnat (@BiblioAssnat) January 21, 2018

    The one that you see on the photo is the flag of Carillon. It was made in 1902 by the abbot Elphège Filiatrault. The latter was parish priest of the parish of Saint-Jude from 1900 to 1916, and its purpose was to give the French Canadians a national flag.

    Last June, the Journal revealed that the flag, designed by Filiatreault, has been forgotten in the attic of the presbytery of St. Jude for 50 years. In 1903, The Church was correct in placing a Sacred Heart in the center of the flag and the abbot was positioned against it. It would have been mothballed after its official opening, on July 24, 1905, since he wanted to separate the spheres of politics and religion. In 1955, while he was looking for a flag to decorate his house, Raymond Girouard made the discovery with the sexton of the time, Alphonse Labossière.

    Today, the minister of Culture, Communications, the Protection and Promotion of the French language, Marie Montpetit, has announced that the flag of Carillon is now classified as a heritage object.

    70 years ago, the fleurdelisé became our official flag. Today, I announced the ranking of the heritage of the flag of Carillon, to the origin of the flag of #Quebec. Celebrate our national symbol, celebrate our history!⚜️ #jourdudrapeau #PolQc

    — Marie Montpetit (@Marie_Montpetit) January 21, 2018

    The Parti québécois and the Coalition avenir Québec noted the anniversary of the flag of Québec on Twitter.

    On the occasion of flag Day, take a moment to gather around the fleurdelisé ⚜️

    Let us be proud of our flag, the symbol of a nation and a country in the making!#polqc #pq

    — Parti Québécois (@partiquebecois) January 21, 2018

    On 21 January, celebrate our flag! #Jourdudrapeau #Quebec #polqc #assnat #CAQ

    — CoalitionAvenirQc (@coalitionavenir) January 21, 2018

    While he is in China, Philippe Couillard took the time to make a short video for the occasion.

    In this 70th anniversary of the fleurdelisé, note this symbol that represents our sense of belonging to a people proud of its origins, proud of what he is, and what it becomes each day. #Jourdudrapeau

    — Philippe Couillard (@phcouillard) January 21, 2018