The flying saucer Rael could be yours!

News 23 March, 2018
  • Photo courtesy, Kijiji
    The vehicle “interstellar” the guru of the raelians is for sale on Kijiji.

    Pierre-Paul Biron

    Friday, march 23, 2018 12:01

    Friday, march 23, 2018 14:59

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    Notice to lovers of ufology or the nostalgic to the passage of the raelians in Quebec, the flying saucer Rael could be yours! The flying vehicle, and other objects connected to the cult have been put up for sale on Kijiji by the owners of a camping installed on the former site of UFOland, closed by the movement in 2003.

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    The owners of the Campsite Havana Resort, located in Maricourt, Estrie, inherited artifacts raelians in buying the place a few years ago. They have recently published an ad on the classifieds website Kijiji to sell the famous “Lot UFO Rael”.

    “We thought to put it on Ebay initially, but we had problems with the account, so we chose to put it on Kijiji in the meantime. Except that here, you get a lot of messages,” explains the owner of the campsite – and, by the same token, the flying saucer –, Véronique Alarie.
    Even if the gear is not in a state to explore the cosmos, some potential buyers seem to have plans for the old speedster of Rael. “It means that it is not in working condition, but someone has asked us if he could put it on the roads, he added wheels on”, guffaws Ms. Alarie, stating that the flying saucer is about 25 feet wide.
    The perfect kit raelian
    Buyers interested in the lot may be purchased:

    – A “flying saucer” with posters explaining, “the story of Rael”

    Photo courtesy, Kijiji

    – A string of DNA UFO rotating

    – An original layout of the Embassy UFO presented to the prime minister of Canada

    Photo courtesy, Kijiji

    – A lot of 69 frames

    – Slips of beliefs raelian

    Photo courtesy, Kijiji

    The owners do not know for the moment what price to ask for the unique items they have, since it is apparently difficult to estimate the value of a flying saucer. In fact, the leaders of the Camping Havana Resort say wait for the bids of potential buyers, and indicate that half of the sale amount will be paid to a community organization in the region.
    “It is not so much a question of value, for the saucer, that of cost to get out of here. Because if the buyer wants to get out of here intact, without cutting down for the rebuild then, it is necessary to remove an entire wall on the building,” said Ms. Alarie.
    Currently engaged in renovations to transform the former building of UFOland in condo and home for their camping, the owners of the Havana Resort want to see the folder to move quickly. “As we are currently in the renovations, it’s now or never. […] It does not fit at all in the theme that we want to give to our hotel, so we chose to divest himself of all”, says Véronique Alarie.
    The raelians
    The Campsite Havana Resort is located on the former site of UFOland, a kind of interpretation center of the ufo opened by the raelians in 1995. The place was also the “runway” of aliens wishing to reach the Earth, said the guru was well known to the movement, Claude Vorilhon, alias Rael.

    The raelian movement was founded in 1974 on the certainty that the human had been made by the Elohim, the extraterrestrials who try to get in contact with us. They left Quebec around 2005, including after an investigation, shock the journalist of the Newspaper Brigitte McCann, who had infiltrated the sect.