The former chef of Obama wanted to keep the sex scandal rolls

News 19 December, 2017

The former chef of Obama and part-time TV host Mario Batali wanted to avoid accusations of harassment . Published signature recipe scones.


In social networks there were accusations against 57-year-old Mario for illicit sexual behavior. The chef was accused in four cases of harassment over the past 20 years.

The visitors were told that the Director of the restaurant , too much was allowed, and abusive, he chose mostly women in a drunken state.

After accusations of social networks, the chef and owner of a chain of restaurants, sincerely repented of his public, he tried to regain the trust of visitors, and published his signature recipe for cinnamon rolls.
However, users have considered it as an attempt to repurchase the charges.

After the huge scandal, Mario Batali stopped appearing in its restaurants, although it formally remained their Director.