The former mayor of The Assumption is reprimanded

News 25 January, 2018
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    Jean-Claude Gingras
    Ex-mayor of The Assumption

    Matthew Payen

    Wednesday, 24 January 2018 21:22

    Wednesday, 24 January 2018 21:22

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    The ex-mayor of L’assomption, Jean-Claude Gingras comes to bailing four reprimands from the Commission municipale du Québec to have in particular encouraged its citizens to barricade their electricity meter.

    By pleading guilty to four breaches of ethical and professional, Jean-Claude Gingras has achieved the withdrawal of seven other counts leveled against him.

    The City of The Assumption has on the outcome of this file since it is she who will bear the costs of defence in all action undertaken against the ex-mayor.

    The decision of the Commission municipale du Québec (CMQ) advises that to date the legal fees have cost not less than $ 600,000 to the municipality.

    Four breaches

    In his plea, the ex-mayor recognises in particular that have encouraged in 2014 the citizens of the City to lock their electricity meter to oppose the installation of smart meters.

    Mr. Gingras ” would have acted in improper and illegal way to promote the personal interests of any person to the City activist against the installation of smart meters “, argues the complaint.

    The ex-mayor also recognized that it had dismissed a legal advisor by a resolution of the city council, which is contrary to the decision-making process.

    He also acknowledged having participated in the vote of confident to the firm Dunton Rainville the mandate of the prosecutor of the City, so that the firm already represented the City in a dispute between the company of the ex-mayor the Loft with 4 legs.

    Finally, Mr. Gingras said guilty for having accepted to lead to a hearing of the superior Court by the acting clerk of the City and therefore ” you used the resources of the City in an inappropriate way “.

    Other charges

    In addition to these ethical issues, the administrative judge Thierry Usclat recalls in its decision that Jean-Claude Gingras, is the subject of criminal charges of breach of trust, obstruction of justice, threats, and retaliation and intimidation of a witness. His trial is scheduled to begin next may.

    The judge also noted that Mr. Gingras is temporarily unable to perform any function related to his office of mayor, and that he had pledged not to stand as a candidate in the last elections.

    The ex-mayor will also meet in April to charges of driving while impaired.