The fortune of a lender fort coveted

News 9 July, 2017
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    Roger Valiquette was riddled with bullets by a sniper and collapsed near his vehicle brand Mercedes in the parking lot of a restaurant in Laval, 18 December 2013.

    Éric Thibault

    Sunday, 9 July, 2017 08:00

    Sunday, 9 July, 2017 08:00

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    Roger Valiquette was considered as the most important lender usury in Quebec where the mafia has been eliminated by several bullets, in Laval, three years ago. His former wife, his son and an ex-employee and its creditors are vying for millions of dollars in a war to justice.

    Diane Brazeau would have “squandered” the fortune her late spouse led a princely life ” and left the crumbs to the son of the man who has shared his life between the summer of 2000 and the fall of 2012. It is alleged Francis Parent-Valiquette, son of the ex-king of the loan, usury, and Jean-François Bouchard, a former manager of companies founded by Roger Valiquette, in the prosecution of several million, of which The Journal has taken notice.

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    Diane Brazeau is sued in tort, because it is said to have squandered the assets of his ex-spouse, Roger Valiquette, considered to be an important lender of usury before being eliminated by the mafia.

    He ” hates “

    The son of Roger Valiquette was admitted before the superior Court that he “hates” the former flame of his father, according to the judge Silvana Conte, in a decision rendered in favour of another creditor of Diane Brazeau, on the 25th of may.

    This last wears three hats in this dispute vitriolique. A first as a leader of a dozen companies set up by his ex-spouse. A second as liquidator of the estate of Roger Valiquette. And a third as head of a family trust that the couple had created for themselves – by the remittance of dividends to a tax shelter – Ms. Brazeau, the daughter of the latter (born of a union) and Francis Parent-Valiquette, of which she is not the mother.

    Since the end of 2013, Francis Parent-Valiquette said they received$ 2500 dollars from the family trust of which he is one of the beneficiaries, compared to 775 000$ for the defendant.

    He finds “particularly shocking” to have learned that Ms. Brazeau “does not want to leave anything to the son of her ex-husband,” and asks the court to entrust the reins of this trust.

    He said he was “stunned” by allegations that Diane Brazeau “to have committed fraudulent transactions” to avoid repaying creditors and enable him to “gain” sums of money which should revert to him, through the family trust, of which he is held ” in total ignorance “.

    “Dividends outrageous “

    The new employer, Jean-François Bouchard, an investment company of which he is now general manager and owned by an ex-partner Valiquette, claiming his side$ 2.9 Million in debt owed to Ms. Brazeau and his companies.

    Fired two years after the death of Valiquette, Mr. Bouchard claimed that Diane Brazeau has lived “a life of indulgence and luxury “using” the funds of the defendants as his personal properties “. Or paying dividend ” outrageous “.

    He alleged the same that Ms. Brazeau was ” granted a dividend trust for the sum of$ 50,000 on the eve of the murder of his ex-spouse.”

    In an affidavit produced to the Court, Mr. Bouchard claimed that he had learned through the media that Valiquette was linked to the mafia. “It is always represented as a business man of good reputation. It seems that the facts demonstrate the contrary “, he adds.

    Diane Brazeau refutes these allegations, even if the courts had allowed the temporary seizure of his penthouse in Laval, his two Mercedes and several assets of his companies to a value of at least$ 5 million, pending the outcome of these proceedings.

    That was Roger Valiquette ?

    • Shot dead at the age of 54 years, December 18, 2013, in Laval.
    • Was regarded by the police as the most important lender usury of the province and as an important figure of the Italian organized crime.
    • One of his associates was the contractor Tonino Callocchia, a lieutenant of the mafia and sentenced to 10 years in prison to import cocaine. He, too, was shot, in a restaurant east of Montreal, in 2014.
    • It has also already been in business with the guy mafioso Raynald Desjardins.
    • Was the owner of a luxurious property of$ 1.2 million in the île Paton in Laval, and a yacht of$ 2.4 million in the South.
    • In may 1991, he was delivered to police officers in the u.s. to a conspiracy to import 60 kilograms of cocaine between Miami and Montreal, and he was sentenced to eight years of incarceration.

    Millions blown away

    The extent of the fall of the small empire of Roger Valiquette is such that one of its ” flagships “, which was worth$ 7.5 million in 2013, just to go bankrupt.

    On the 21st of last march, the justice Christiane Alary has ordered the bankruptcy of the company Express Finance Investment inc. at the request of one of its creditors, and in spite of the opposition of the ex-spouse of the deceased king of shylocks.

    The creditor is a company to number specializing in investments, which the managing director is Jean-François Bouchard, the ex-manager of the companies of Roger Valiquette, and to which Express Finance Investment was dragging a debt of close to$3 million.

    Diane Brazeau had acknowledged that the company was ” unable to meet its obligations “, but she accused Mr. Bouchard to be the responsible one.

    The latter denied these allegations. To him, ” if the company is insolvent, it is that Ms. Brazeau and the late Mr. Valiquette in have squandered the goods “.

    A method of funding muscled

    In a lawsuit, filed in 2014, the boss of the company, a montreal Canadian Asset Based Lending Enterprise inc. denounced the unorthodox methods of the deceased lender usury.

    According to court filings, Roger Valiquette would have taken out a loan of$ 490,000 for the plaintiff, at an interest rate of 12 %, in 2008.

    He then loaned this amount to third parties, by requiring higher interest rates. Later, Valiquette would have advised the boss of the plaintiff, which it does not repay not, while uttering threats and causing “considerable damage” in his office.

    Continued, she blames his “savior”

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    Diane Brazeau told the court that they had received in compensation, after being separated from Roger Valiquette in 2012, a condo of 1300 ft2 on the top floor of a building of the de Saint-Martin, Laval. This condo has been seized on the orders of the Court pending the outcome of legal disputes.

    Diane Brazeau says she is the victim of a revenge of his former manager that would be presented to her as a “savior” before becoming ” the architect of its decline economically.”

    The ex-spouse of Roger Valiquette blame businessman Jean-François Bouchard for his setbacks. In a sworn statement filed in superior Court, she alleges that he has “arnaquée” of approximately$ 800,000 that he would be paid salary and management fees from his companies between march 2014 and July 2015, before she dismisses it.

    Business documents had “mysteriously disappeared” at the departure of Mr. Bouchard, who has left ” an incredible mess “.

    According to her, Bouchard took “control decision” of his family trust and was the “guru” companies Roger Valiquette after the death of the latter.

    Blank cheques

    A month after the murder, Mr. Bouchard has paid a visit to Diane Brazeau, who was then hospitalized, for him, ” offer to become the manager of what Roger Valiquette had left behind him at his death “. He would have said to him that he had “contacts in the mafia,” and that it ” could help “, according to one who claims to have accepted, because she ” trusted in him “.

    She acknowledges having signed blank checks at the request of Jean-François Bouchard, whom she accuses of having “used” the taking ” away of the directors of the said companies “.

    “I’m always handing it to him before taking any action whatsoever. (…) He forbade me to come to the office […] not to be adversely affected “, it is alleged in the documents of the court.

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    Francis Parent-Valiquette

    Only son of Roger Valiquette

    According to her, Bouchard had “the last word” in “the bulk of what I have been doing as liquidator of the estate of Roger Valiquette” and head of the family trust, the management of which is much maligned by the son of Roger Valiquette.

    She claims that the trust has handed over$ 14,000 to Francis Parent-Valiquette and he has sold a vehicle to the sum of one dollar. For his part, the son of Roger Valiquette alleged to have hit that 2500$, compared to three-quarters of a million to Diane Brazeau.


    The defendant is said to have sold at a loss in the yacht of$ 2.4 million that it had with Valiquette and the town house of$ 1.2 million on the island Paton, Laval.

    She added that after being separated from Valiquette in the fall of 2012, he paid, by way of “concession” compensatory “, a condo of 1300 ft2 on the ninth and last floor of a new building on the boulevard Saint-Martin, Laval.

    This condo has been seized on the orders of the Court pending the outcome of legal disputes.

    “It is not a life of indulgence and luxury for me,” she wrote in describing the allegations of his opponents at its place of” absolutely false ” and ” abhorrent “.