The founder of Papa John’s, resigned after the scandal

News 22 December, 2017

The head and founder of pizza chain Papa John’s John Shatter, which is also known as Papa John, decided to resign after the scandal. Officially the reason no one calls, but clarifies that Shatter will retain the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Papa John’s. The new Director will be the President of the company Steve Ritchie.


The press, however, says that Chatter not so long ago was involved in a scandal that resonates with the players in the National football League of USA. The Pope John said that the decision of the players to get down on one knee during a performance of the American anthem (which is a kind of support for the movement Black Lives Matter) have seriously damaged the sales of his company, which acts as the title partner and sponsor of the NFL.

Snatcher is one of the last chapters of the major fast food franchises, which by means of his image, promoted the product. The last of those was Colonel Harland Sanders of KFC, and Dave Thomas of Wendy’s.
The network was built in 1984 and has long been building a clear and stable business. In 2005, Papa John’s decided to leave the company and was absent three years, and in 2010 was managing partner in the person of Jude Thompson.