The French must accept the defeat

News 20 March, 2018
  • Photo special collaboration, Carl Vaillancourt
    The master cheese Nathalie Beil holds in his hands his pie Extra in his workshop in Saint-Hyacinthe, yesterday.

    Carl Vaillancourt

    Tuesday, 20 march, 2018 01:00

    Tuesday, 20 march, 2018 01:00

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    The cheese behind the best camembert in the world can’t understand why the French do not accept that she has won.

    The pie chart The Extra, the Agropur cooperative Saint-Hyacinthe, has won first place at the World Championship Cheese Contest held in Wisconsin, in the United States.

    However, several French specialists were outraged that a cheese made with pasteurized milk has been able to win, so that the pie is normally made with raw milk, according to the tradition of normandy.

    “This is not the camembert, this cheese is industrial, which has put the word pie “, has launched the food critic for French Périco Légasse on the LCI.

    50 experts

    Master-cheese at Agropur Saint-Hyacinthe since 2009, Nathalie Beil has not denied that it was, indeed, a cheese made from pasteurized milk and not raw milk. According to her, the recipe must still be regarded as a soft cheese type camembert.

    “All the technical aspects are evaluated by a jury of 50 experts from different countries. No less than 17 pie charts from all over the world have been presented. It is ours that has won and we are very proud of that, ” said the master-cheese yesterday.

    Low demand ?

    The request for The Extra jumped since the announcement was made Friday by the World Championship Cheese Contest.

    Even if the pie with the flavours of hazelnuts and mushrooms has been crowned the best pie, however, it is far from making the unanimity here.

    The manager of Fromagerie Hamel at Jean-Talon market, Alex Porras, had pulled the pie The Extra shelves in montreal because of a low demand.

    “We have replaced it with more pie charts French,” he said. It is the preference of our customers. “

    For his part, Patrick Rémillard, production manager at the dairy Cooperative Agropur of St-Hyacinthe, believes that his cheese is great public. He assures that he is a “good seller” in their store in St-Hyacinthe.