The funeral of the mafioso Antonio De Blasio under high police surveillance

News 25 August, 2017

    Maxime Deland

    Thursday, 24 August, 2017 14:46

    Thursday, 24 August, 2017 14:55

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    MONTREAL | The funeral of the mafioso Antonio “Turbo” De Blasio, who was murdered a week ago under the eyes of his son, were celebrated under high police surveillance, on Thursday morning, in the east of Montreal.

    In front of the church Saint-Joseph in Rivière-des-Prairies, relatives of Antonio De Blasio not to be enjoying it not the presence of plainclothes police and members of the media. A certain tension was palpable.

    According to our information, the previous day, police had been intimidated outside of the funeral home by family members Of Antonio de Blasio. They would have approached the police vehicles unmarked to photograph the license plates and the police officers who were on board.

    Usually, in cases involving organized crime, the bereaved families let the police do their job, which is to observe the people who show up at the funeral home and the funeral and to take pictures.

    The climate was no better with the few representatives of the media present at the front of the church, Thursday. Relatives of the mafioso died only, moreover, are not shy to throw the fingers of honour.

    In the end, the funeral ceremony lasted about an hour. No overflow has occurred.


    Antonio De Blasio, 45 years old, was riddled with bullets Wednesday of last week under the eyes of his son, at the park La Dauversière, in the borough of Saint-Léonard.

    The mafioso had gone to the park to fetch his child at the end of his football training.

    A gunner on board a moving vehicle opened fire multiple times in the direction Of Antonio de Blasio, even though his son was nearby, breaking a certain code of honor in use in the mafia.

    The young man was not injured, but his father, himself, did not survive the attack.

    According to what reported in The “Journal de Montreal” last week, Antonio De Blasio was notified in the summer of 2015 that his life was threatened.