The future Chancellor of Austria, refused to kiss the head of the European Commission

News 23 October, 2017

The media began to discuss the details of the visit of Sebastian Kurz, the future Chancellor of Austria, at the EU summit. The future Austrian Chancellor went on a plane for a meeting of European leaders in salon of economy class of the airline “Austrian airlines”. At the meeting, Kurtz did not want to exchange kisses with the head of the European Commission.


The Austrian Minister of foreign Affairs, which is headed by the conservative party övp won the election, came to Brussels in economy class. As noted by the Austrian press, the head of the party did not change the tradition, despite its victory in the elections. The photograph with the aircraft he posted on his Twitter page, as he informed one of news agencies.

Also unnoticed by the media is not passed and the movie Kurtz meeting with the President of the European Commission. Jean-Claude Juncker is accepted handshakes, wanted to kiss the Austrian diplomat. But the political leader of Austria decided to leave the distance when greeting.