The German police demands to legalize marijuana : In the World : Vladim

News 6 February, 2018

Police officers from Germany urged the authorities to legalize marijuana. They believe such a measure would reduce the crime rate.


German police demand to enter the decriminalization of drug use that may lead to reduction of crime in the state. According to the head of the Association of the criminal police of Germany’s Andre Schultz, the prohibition of cannabis from the point of view of history is arbitrary it is wrong. This should be acceptable, according to the police, but he thinks that Berlin is after a certain time cancel the ban on marijuana. He also added that the ban should only be a gateway drug to motorists and other segments of the population should be given the opportunity to consume yet illegal substance.
This idea was supported by the people of England. The law enforcers of the Kingdom offer to bring cannabis out from under the ban. Now the country adopted the law on possibility of the use of marijuana in medicine.