The girl got a tattoo of wool kitten In the World : Vladim

News 14 March, 2018

A resident of Germany, Makani Terror decided to get a tattoo of your pet. She stuffed figure made of wool your kitten.


The company SKIN-46 from Switzerland have developed a new technology of getting tattoos. The essence of this method is that during printing specialist uses not only paint, but also biological material, human or animal. In order for Terror got a tattoo, chemists removed from pet fur the carbon and made it a specific ink. Note that the picture cost the German 500 Euro. The founder of the Swiss company revealed that many do not like this development, but there are those who come in awe of such technology. The creators hope that this method of tattoo will allow you to breathe new life into the skill.


We remind that in the beginning of this month, on service Facebook a video in which experts from the piercing parlor to pierce the fingers of one of its clients.