The girl touched the Breasts of a transgender, and I almost sat in jail

News 20 December, 2017

On the weekend 31-year-old Rebecca mound was about a gay club in Cariffe, beside which stood the victim.
The girl was in a good mood and after a brief dialogue, we decided to hug the victim and showered her with compliments.


Transgender thought it was for the rudeness. With her words, the woman began to molest her and didn’t let go, she spoke to her compliments, showed sexual activity and touched his chest.

The victim tried to escape, but she lacked strength, she had to ask the woman let her go.
After the incident, the transgender said the woman to the police, and explained that now she can’t be home alone, but on the street she needs a guard.

In court a woman accused of sexual harassment, and she was assigned to criminal term.
Suspecting admitted that it was, but just for fun, she didn’t want anything serious.