The government wants to know how much you pay for your cannabis

News 25 January, 2018
  • AFP

    Boris Proulx

    Thursday, 25 January, 2018 08:36

    Thursday, 25 January 2018 08:39

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    OTTAWA | The federal government asked the followers of cannabis indicate the prices of their dealer favorite, in order to better understand the black market, a few months of the legalization scheduled for July 2018.

    A section of the Statistics Canada web site, entitled ” participatory Approach – Cannabis “, was launched Thursday to enable consumers of this soft drug for the indication, about their last purchase, the amount they have paid, the amount of drug purchased and the place where they were purchased.

    The objective is to gather the maximum amount of data while the product is still illegal, to measure the effect of legalization on consumption quantities and on the development of the market of the pot in each province.

    The data are collected anonymously, and no information is collected on the users voluntary.

    Until now, statisticians, federal collect their data on the specialized website and with a dozen vendors in an illegal display their prices on the internet. On average, in 2017, each consumer of cannabis has spent $ 1,200 to his grass, calculates Statistics Canada.