The Grand chase Canada caught on video : In the World : Vladim

News 9 February, 2018

In the province of Ontario in Canada, the police with great difficulty managed to detain the attacker to store drugs. Law enforcement officers have used cars and helicopter in order to catch up with the fugitive.


Information about it spreads BBC News. The process of the chase was recorded on camera. Police had to cover the distance of 154 kilometers before catching the intruder. The citizen got into the car and tried to escape in an unknown direction. The intruder broke up the vehicle to the speed of 230 kilometers per hour, but the escape failed. Armed police used a helicopter to catch the intruder.

At some point, the fugitive jumped out of the car and tried to hide in the woods. The man threw a bag of drugs, wanting to get rid of the evidence. Militiamen caught up with the young man, handcuffed and taken to the station. Citizen is accused of illegal possession of illegal drugs.