The Guatemalan undocumented immigrants will not be deported Tuesday

News 27 March, 2018
  • Solidarity without border

    Francis Pilon

    Tuesday, 27 march 2018 11:04

    Tuesday, 27 march 2018 11:08

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    Lucy Francineth Granados, a guatemalan women undocumented migrants in Montreal, has been admitted to the emergency and will not be deported as planned on Tuesday.

    “It has been brought to the detention centre in Laval up to the offices of the Agency of Canada border services (CBSA) Monday morning,” explains Mary Foster of Solidarity across borders. At the time of signing the documents which confirm his / her expulsion, she fainted and was taken to the hospital. “

    Ms. Foster confirmed that Lucy will not be expelled today because of his state of health, but it is always in danger of being deported . For the moment, no new date for the eviction has not been set by the AFSC.

    The organisation Solidarity without borders laments the fact that no close relative of the Guatemalan, apart from his lawyer, was not able to get into his hospital room protected by border services officers. “She returned to the hospital to 13h Monday and no one from his family has been notified before 19 h, tells the story of Mary Foster. The prevent to see his entourage, leave it alone and locked it, it will clearly not help his mental state. “

    Still waiting

    Lucy Francineth Granados arrived in Montreal there are nine years. His asylum application to remain in Canada was denied five years ago, in 2012. An application for permanent residence on humanitarian and compassionate grounds has been made in the last year and is still in processing.

    Employees of the Agency of Canada border services arrested Ms. Granados at his home on 20 march. The hearing as to whether the Guatemalan will remain in detention in Laval will be held Wednesday morning at the Complexe Guy-Favreau. A rally outside the building will take place at the same time to support the cause of Ms. Granados, a mother of three children who remained in Guatemala.