The guest had threatened neighbors with a gun because of the loud workers : Crime news : Vladim

News 8 February, 2018

Police carried out the arrest of a guest of the hotel, in the North of Moscow, which in the vest to threaten its neighbors combat pistol. Information about this was shared by a source in law enforcement bodies. The reason for such threats reportedly made him irritated “noisy workers”.


The incident occurred on the morning of 3 February at the hotel “cron Hotel” that on the Leningrad highway. There’s a man born in 1971, wearing a bulletproof vest, went out into the hall with the combat pistol “Walther PP”.

«He immediately began to pester others and try to complain about workers who allegedly loudly scraped the snow off the roof of the building. The attacker did not cease to repeat, scaring the other guests that he was ready to open fire“- said in an official statement to the local press.

At the scene immediately was caused by detachment of law enforcement, which overpowered the offender. The detainee, as it was established, already has a conviction for conducting illegal banking activities. Concerning the man criminal case has been initiated that is associated with hooliganism and illegal arms trafficking.