The guignolée du Dr Julien will be open on Saturday

News 16 December, 2017

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    Saturday, 16 December 2017 08:43

    Saturday, 16 December 2017 13:27

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    MONTREAL | The 15th Guignolée du Dr Julien will be open on Saturday until 17 h. As every year, the Fondation du Dr Julien calls the generosity of the local population in order to collect donations for the benefit of these centers of community social pediatrics (CPSC).

    The money raised during this grand annual collection will be used to finance the activities of the Fondation du Dr Julien, which offers professional services to approximately 5,500 children in a situation of great vulnerability, as well as their families, across the province of Quebec.

    These treatments include follow-up medical, legal, psychosocial, psycho-educational, and educational, innovative therapies (art therapy, occupational therapy, and music therapy), specialized services, but also of sports activities in a therapeutic and constructive.

    “It is medicine, broad social, which works on toxic stress and that brings young people to the track. She works on the living conditions, housing conditions, and it heals the disease,” said Dr. Julien in an interview with TVA News.

    “We will find, theoretically, a third of children who are underserved, who may not succeed, but who have the potential. One of the steps to turn this potential-and for that they succeed,” he continued.

    A party to have fun

    The day of Saturday is also an annual meeting for the members of the Fondation du Dr Julien and a great festival to meet the public.

    “The food drive, it is our basic motivation, said Dr. Julien. This is the third of our financial needs for the year, but beyond that, the level of popular support, it is that which makes us grow and move forward.”

    Throughout the day, activities will be proposed in the centres of community social pediatrics in Quebec.

    In particular, in the center of the district of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (1600, rue Aylwin) in Montreal, where families can enjoy musical performances, workshops, make-up and the presence of fire-eaters, not to mention the visit from father Christmas!

    Contribute to the food drive

    It is possible to contribute to the 15th Guignolée du Dr Julien online, on the website, by telephone at 1 855 DrJulien (1 855 375-8543), mobile-to-mobile texting DRJULIEN to 20222 or by visiting the centres in the network.