The guy has removed on video sex with a schoolgirl in the toilet of fast food in Moscow : Crime news : Vladim

News 12 January, 2018

The Network got a porn movie, which shows how a guy and teenage girl have sex in toilet of a fast food restaurant in Moscow. Previously reported, the young man is already an adult, and his partner about 14 years.


It was reported that the lover was arrested and taken into custody. The journalists managed to get a comment from the heroine of the movie. It turned out that the molester was helping the girl to get over your ex boyfriend. First, the guy was drunk schoolgirl in one of entrances of high-rise buildings, and then kissed and invited to the restaurant. The restaurant was a restaurant in the Mall.

It turned out that having sex the boy worked with a teenager once. Sexual intercourse took place not only in the toilet of the restaurant, but in the same entrance where they had a drink. At first seduced the girl was not planning to go to the police, until he learned that the lover was filmed intimate moments on camera and posted on the web. This girl found out later from the “friend” that posted the video for everyone to see.

The girl stressed that she was offended by not the fact of sexual relations, and the fact that the offender filmed having sex on camera and send them to a common acquaintance. The girl intends to go to the UK, together with their parents. There will be a conversation with the seducer.