The health care system ? Sick !

News 10 January, 2018
  • File Photo, Simon Clark
    Gaétan Barrette
    Minister of Health

    Richard Martineau

    Wednesday, 10 January, 2018 05:00

    Wednesday, 10 January, 2018 05:00

    Look at this article

    It costs about $ 300 per month to rent a tv at the new CHUM ?

    Yes, and then ?

    It is where, the problem ?

    Read, instead ! Educate yourself ! I am sure that there are old TV Hebdo lying around in a waiting room, somewhere…

    It isn’t for you to know what played on 3 November 1987 at channel 10 ?


    Damn, that patients are difficult, in Quebec !

    You prepare good mashed potatoes silky, and it complains…

    Have you heard the minister Barrette complain when he ate his platée eating soft in the Palace of congress in November 2016, during the official presentation of the new menu of the cafeterias of the hospital ?


    He reveled, he delighted, it was refreshing, it pourléchait the chops !

    It felt like home !

    Nothing better than a good flakes, potatoes in powder to get you back on the pad !

    That, and a nice glass of Tang, yum, it’s nice morning !

    It wouldn’t be anything more than a tin of Spam for you to feel in a four-star Michelin…

    I don’t know about you, but for me, after such a feast, I just want it to wash me clean with the washcloth.

    A blow under the arm, a kick between the buttocks, and hop ! in the bed…

    It’s simple, it’s like being at the hotel.

    Who has time to watch tv when one leads a life as hectic ?


    You’re bored ?

    Well, do like in the good old days and look out ! Look at the paint dry on the walls !

    Or better yet, talk to the visit !

    Your children don’t go you see because the parking lot of the hospital is too expensive ? They prefer to go to the casino where parking is free ?

    Bof, see it with a good eye…

    It is a way to help you ! The more they play, the more they fill the coffers of the government, and the government has the money to spoil you !

    Imagine what would happen if your children do not shed not all their savings to Loto-Québec or the SAQ. Your tv would cost you $ 500 per month !

    And you might tune to a station : the national Assembly ! With the Captain High Liner and the Chef Boyardee !

    While there, you have a nice tv 5 inch black and white plastic beige with a mono sound lens !

    You can entertain yourself by listening to canadian Night on Taken 2 !


    And then, in six months, who knows, you may be able to eat muffins in the pot !

    After two mouthfuls, you can watch tv even if it is switched off !

    No, really, in Quebec, patients have no reason to complain…

    Nurses dedicated people who work 24 hours straight, ambulances that arrive fifteen minutes after your death, hospitals are so fine that they cost three times the expected cost…

    It denies himself nothing !

    To say that there are still people who criticise our system…