The Hells Angel who has taken advantage of his second chance

News 24 March, 2018
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    In this photo, Stéphane Maheu wearing his jacket Hells.

    Éric Thibault

    Saturday, 24 march 2018 22:15

    Saturday, 24 march 2018 22:15

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    The Hells Angels of Quebec, would never have been arrested once in operation SharQc in 2009, if the gang had got rid of a young trafficker cheeky who had dared to take shots of .12 in the direction of three of its members.

    It is this that has certified that the ex-Hells Angel Sylvain Boulanger to the investigators of the Sûreté du Québec, December 6, 2006, in their recounting of how his plot to eliminate his former employee Stéphane Maheu was aborted.

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    Stéphane Maheu after his arrest in operation SharQc.

    “I wouldn’t be sitting here with you if he was dead because I’d still be in the Hells Angels, said the informer of the operation SharQc police in his confessions to which The Newspaper had access to. It’s as simple as that. His hole was already dug… “

    Mortal sin

    Maheu has been promoted to member in good standing of the gang, much to the chagrin of Baker, and it became an important part of the Hells. It has been the target of a search related to an extensive survey on drugs, at the beginning of last week.

    Baker, who has taken on the colors of the Hells chapter of Sherbrooke for 12 years, has been appointed as a member of “full patch” in 1993 and was the responsibility of the drug market in the region of Granby, qc.

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    Stéphane Maheu in the Republic
    dominican with members of the Los Barracos, in 2003.

    Shortly after his graduation, he has been informed that one of its sellers of cocaine, Stéphane Maheu, will be supplied not only of the Hells, which was considered a mortal sin at the time when the band was led by Maurice ” Mom ” Boucher.

    Maheu would have been justified in saying to a subordinate to Baker that the “coke” provided by the Hells was simply “not good” and that the bikers ” cut ” too much of the drug to be able to maximize their profits.

    He had the “best” at a lower cost of a “wholesale dealer,” the independent, Mario Roy, who will also be killed by three bullets in the head a few years later.

    Discussion stormy

    Baker has decided to pay a visit to Maheu, to warn him not to do business with the ” intruders “.

    He was accompanied by the future Hells Angel Sylvain “20-20” Vachon and Michel “Ti-Buck” Vallières when the trio went to pass this message to the home Maheu, at Roxton Pond.

    “There has been no agreement, summarized Baker. By leaving the scene, Maheu came out with a .12 and he was shot in the snow-bank, in the direction of our vehicle, as to make us fear. “

    In beautiful rifle, the three bikers are immediately returned to the local Hells in Lennoxville, where a Baker would have narrated the incident to the president of the club, Guy “Malignant” Rodrigue.

    A dish best served cold

    According to Baker, the “boss” had told him to ” settle his affairs “. However, if Baker had been thinking of a radical solution, it is advised to” wait a couple of years “to put the target” in trust “. Thus, the victim “unaware” when the time comes for the revenge.

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    The wreckage of the bar dancers, The Old Nest Condor, in the aftermath of an arson attack that has made two of the victims, on June 2, 1994, in Canton-de-Granby. Although the informer Baker was offending in his statements to the police, Stéphane Maheu has not been accused of this crime.

    Meanwhile, Maheu would have then informed Baker that he does “not want disorder” and that he was going to comply. Baker then decided to take him “under his wing” as a trafficker, to put ” confidence “.

    The years have passed. After the 1998 ice storm, Baker said that he had planned to eliminate Maheu with the help of two other bikers.

    At the time, the Hells had rented a cottage in Bromont, which served them as a place of rendezvous at the time when they were engaged in a deadly war against the Rock Machine. Baker and colleagues have decided to draw Maheu in an ambush, not far from the cottage, on an insulated portion of the street of the Métis.

    The informer stated that he had instructed an accomplice to go dig a hole in the edge of the dirt road to be ready to bury Maheu after shot. But the hole was never used.

    Moles corrupted

    Baker, who at the time was “sergeant of arms” of the division of the Hells of Sherbrooke, has finally done an about-face by learning that other Hells were aware of his plan.

    Some had said aloud that Maheu was ” not that bad “, that he did not deserve such a fate and that it was “good services” to the band.

    Photo archive

    In this photo, Stéphane Maheu wearing his jacket Hells.

    During the war of the bikers, Stéphane Maheu would in particular benefit the Hells of confidential information on the enemy by bribing an employee of the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) and a prison guard.

    Maheu refilait these pipes to a Baker, who was one of the leaders of the “intelligence” of the Hells during their deadly war against the Rock Machine, at the end of the 1990s.

    “It was used to locate enemies. Time and again, I saw that, oops ! that one was down… “

    The employee who had access to the computerized records of the SAAQ was “the sister of one of the buddies” of Maheu. “It has lasted for at least a year. One took to him a number plate, it pitonnait it to the SAAQ, it gave the name, the address… It was eventually put out, ” said the informer.

    New allies

    As to the correctional officer, informed the Hells to pay “a large debt” that his son cocaine addict who had contracted.

    “We decided not to kill him, and told Baker to the SQ. It is I who decided it’s bad it’s true, I have rehired. I said : “Câlisse, ” OK, I’ll give it a chance”. I made a mistake worse it is reviré against me. “

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    On this picture, we can see the bar, which benefited the Hells of the division South, including Stéphane Maheu, in a former bunker in Longueuil.

    Become a member of the deceased club-school Evil Ones, Stéphane Maheu would have then taken the opportunity to make allies more influential than Baker in the gang, including the Hells Angels involved in the importation and resale of cocaine.

    Without asking the opinion of Baker, members of chapters, South and Three-Rivers had sent Maheu to act as emissary to the dominican Republic to prepare the foundation of a first section of the Hells Angels in this country of South America, from 2002. Maheu is, in particular, bought a school of scuba diving in Sosua.

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    On this picture we can see that the Hells of the division South have refurbished a bar on the inside of their new hideout, in Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu.

    In 2003, the police quebecers have seen in Berthierville during a gathering of motorcyclists while he sported a jacket with the effigy of Los Barracos, the biker gang that would form the first chapter of the dominican official of the Hells.

    Last chicane

    Baker, however, has delayed the breakthrough of the Hells in the dominican Republic since he first convinced his fellow-members of the Sherbrooke and Quebec city to oppose this expansion.

    For him, it was “unthinkable” that the project is conducted by a trafficker who had already pulled in the direction of members of the Hells. He was staunchly opposed to the possibility that Maheu is promoted to a member of the gang as a reward for the location of this branch is to facilitate the shipment of cocaine in Quebec.

    The Hells have finished by accusing Baker of “damaging the good understanding” between the sections of quebec’s motorcycle club. A veteran member of Sherbrooke has even confided that the division South would have had the intention to “skip” Baker because he was delaying their project. On November 15, 2005, Baker has retired from the club.

    Still referred to by the police

    In the end, the Hells Angels have based their division to the dominican in 2008. And in the same year, Stéphane Maheu got his “patches” of a member of the division South.

    Arrested in 2009 in operation SharQc, like all his colleagues, Maheu was convicted of conspiracy to murder. It is free since the fall of 2016.

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    The card Monopoly favorite Hells, Stéphane Maheu has updated its page on Facebook.

    Tuesday, the Squad of repression against the organized crime (ENRCO) has searched his home in Roxton Pond during a search related to the project of investigation drug enforcement Objection.

    Although no charges weighed against them, Maheu and a half-dozen other members of the gang are suspected to play a role in a lucrative network of smuggling cocaine and methamphetamine.

    In 2014, Maheu, 47 years old, has mocked police by posting on his page in Facebook the card from the game of Monopoly to get out of prison. Remains to be seen if luck will follow.