The Holiday season, a difficult period for the homeless

News 26 December, 2017

    Monday, December 25 2017 14:47

    Monday, December 25 2017 14:47

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    MONTREAL | The Old Brewery Mission is trying to assist the greatest possible the homeless during the Holiday season as this period can be more difficult than others.

    “Even for people who are not in a situation of homelessness, it is a stressful period that is associated with the isolation and distress,” said Émilie Fortier, of the Old Brewery Mission, in an interview with LCN.

    In addition to offering a canopy and a roof, the body tries to re-create a family atmosphere through various activities. In particular, conservators invite men helped by the organization to come and eat in their restaurant. Others come to serve meals on-site.

    The Old Brewery Mission accepts donations, especially the pants and the boots in the early winter. It is also possible to contribute to the fundraising campaign.