The honesty of the Canadians put to the test with portfolios lost

News 9 January, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Tuesday, 9 January 2018 18:15

    Tuesday, 9 January 2018 18:15

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    The network of cooperative Credit Unions, has found nine of the twelve portfolios that she had voluntarily gone astray in several places in the maritime provinces of canada, in the context of an advertising campaign.

    The portfolios contained receipts, various identity cards and banking, as well as $ 100 in cash. A telephone number had also been placed in each of them.

    Nine individuals made up this number to report that they had found the wallet. Credit Unions then contacted some of these good samaritans to ask them the reason that pushed them to make.

    “If I lose my wallet, I’d like someone to call me to tell me that he found it”, explained one of them in the short video posted online.

    “We’ve all been through the terrible experience of losing something. I was just hoping that (by finding this portfolio) to find a phone number to call its owner”, said another participant.