The horror story of a Montreal kidnapped and raped

News 17 March, 2018
  • Photo Agence QMI, Toma Iczkovits
    In his book The trap, Claudia Berthiaume casts a new light on the abduction of a woman from Montreal by Patrick Lévesque Paquette. It is based on the documents of the court and met with the lead investigator of the case.

    Camille Garnier

    Saturday, 17 march 2018 01:00

    Saturday, 17 march 2018 01:00

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    The horror story of a Montreal kidnapped and raped for 24 hours is told with new information by the journalist of the Newspaper Claudia Berthiaume in his book The trap.

    “The manner in which the victim has been saved is worthy of a film script,” said Ms. Berthiaume asked what attracted his attention to this case occurred in 2015. We would have wanted to invent it, we would not have been able to. “

    It is a simple traffic stop because he had not paid its license plates that allowed two patrol boats of the Régie intermunicipale de police Richelieu Saint-Laurent, to stop Patrick Lévesque Paquette, the abductor of a Montrealer for 25 years, and then to release the woman trapped in her vehicle.


    It had fallen the day before in the ambush stretched out by the man who had carefully prepared his plan. He had spotted his victim on the internet in order to satisfy one of her fantasies : to violate a woman.

    To achieve its purposes, Lévesque Paquette went so far as to impersonate a police officer.

    In his novel, crafted in the manner of a scenario with suspense, Claudia Berthiaume we offer a dive, gasping closer to the facts, but also an insight into chilling of the psyche, tortured by the rapist.


    To update information previously unknown to the public, the author met with the investigator in charge of the case and patrol officers who conducted the arrest of Lévesque Paquette.

    She has also listened to the entirety of the interrogation of a rapist and his victim, peeling back the psychological reports.

    “Lévesque Paquette is so narcissistic that he did not hesitate to give evidence incriminating in front of the investigator to “brag”, said Ms. Berthiaume. This is even more true when he speaks of his interest in child pornography and his mastery of the dark web. It is striking to see how all of this is normal for him. “

    The journalist says that the approach differs from that of an article journalistic classic, since the format of the novel provides the space to reproduce very precisely the set of events.


    “I have done further research to know, for example, the temperature it was that day, and the exact manner in which the man and the victim were dressed,” she said. This will make everything more alive. “

    However, the facts described are violent, and Claudia Berthiaume had to find the right balance to describe such a case.

    “It is important to keep the order not to disgust the reader with unnecessary details, while showing him the reality of what happened “, she summarizes.

    Detained since his arrest, Patrick Lévesque Paquette pleaded guilty in April 2016 to 17 counts of abducting, assaulting and kidnapping her victim. He should know for his sentence to fall. The Crown attempts to declare as a dangerous offender.

    The trap, published in the Editions of the Journal, in the Saga collection, is available in bookstores.