The hospital of the Gatineau transfers a lady patient of a 90-minute drive by mistake

News 8 February, 2018
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    Tracey Lee Letang, daughter of the lady, and Stéphane Carpentier

    Simon-Pier Ouellet

    Thursday, February 8, 2018 18:47

    Thursday, February 8, 2018 18:53

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    The hospital of Gatineau was transferred Wednesday to a lady of 75 years of Alzheimer’s disease in a centre of Maniwaki, about a 90-minute drive away while the family was in disagreement.

    The health Centre of the Ottawa river took a step back Thursday, and has promised to repatriate the lady in Gatineau next Monday after having been informed by TVA New Gatineau.

    The staff of the hospital had announced on Tuesday evening at Tracey Lee Letang that his mother had to be temporarily transferred to the NURSING Home Father Guinard, Maniwaki.

    The Centre intégré de santé Outaouais has had to relocate some patients due to the high traffic caused by influenza in hospitals.

    Woman Aged

    Courtesy of the family

    In spite of the disagreement of his daughter, the lady with dementia has been transported to Maniwaki Wednesday.

    “It does not make sense, she has no family at Maniwaki. It’s going to take everything, ” says Tracey Lee Letang.

    Two options

    According to she and her husband Stéphane Carpentier, the staff of the hospital would have offered two options to the family.

    Or she went back to the house, or she was relocated to Maniwaki.

    “We had no choice. The only choice I had, it was back to the house. My father is 81 years is no longer able to take care of it, ” says the woman.

    An error

    Shortly after that VAT News has contacted the integrated Center of health yesterday, Ms. Letang has received a call to announce to him that his mother would return to Gatineau.

    The CEO of the Centre intégré de santé de l’outaouais, John Hébert, says that the staff had to act quickly because of the exceptional situation.

    The directive was, however, that the temporary transfer of patients is done with the agreement of the family.

    “It may be that there were some gaps in our internal communications with our stakeholders in relation to the approach that we wanted to do. It has made corrections “, he explains.

    According to the CISSSO, this is an isolated case.

    “I am very happy! “concluded Tracey Lee Letang.

    – With the collaboration of Allison Ouellet, TVA Gatineau-Ottawa