The hottest drivers of the trucks had a falling out over the title In the World : Vladim

News 15 January, 2018

Finalist of the contest Miss Tattoo Australia Jenn Desmond does not agree with the decision of the Australian editions, which was awarded the title of sexiest drivers of trucks blaze Williams. Information about this distributes Daily Mail.


Jenn Desmond works as a driver for six years and loves to drive. According to the girl, she would not have engaged in business for a long time, if it hadn’t been real obsession. Desmond is experiencing due to the fact that among her colleagues, mostly men. Only three women in her team are the drivers. Last year Desmond took second place in the contest Miss Tattoo Australia and now wants to become the best.


Her rival Blaise Williams drives the wagon for seven years. When a girl shows a driver’s license at parties or in bars, where she sometimes comes, comrades refuse to believe their eyes. According to Williams, she always stood out from the crowd of peers, so I chose the profession of a truck driver, so as not to become a typical lady with the standard problems and challenges.