The human brain has increased three times over the last 3 million years

Techno 22 February, 2018

2018-02-22 18:30

The human brain has increased three times over the last 3 million years
Over the last 3 million years the human brain increased in size three times. Scientists attribute this to the acquisition of skills in the field of culture, language, and the ability to produce different kinds of objects and tools.

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The evolution of the human brain were carried out much slower than it was assumed. A new study using about 100 of the remains of various mammals showed that the size of our brains over the last 3 million years has increased three times. This process was, most likely, slow and constant, and not carried out any jumps. Experts believe that the increase in brain was due to the increasing complex problems which were solved by the husband. In particular, he produced the tools it needs for everyday activities, as well as develop cultural and language skills, reports Rus.Media.

The study’s authors from the University of Chicago has compared this process with a long training of the Rugby team. In the course of these trainings the most heavy weight players in the future brought to matches, and the lightest are eliminated. The same thing happened with the brain, because of evolution was subjected only people with the greatest size, and owners of small brain was gone. Note that the brain of modern man is about three times more of the brain of a chimpanzee – our closest relatives in the animal world.

Moreover, scientists have always been interested in how carried out this evolution. The authors propose to represent the entrance to a tall building. You can overcome it with the help of an inclined plane, or ramp or up the stairs. The evolution of the brain was carried out according to the first scenario. A clear link between brain size and behavior did not exist.