The ice smashed her windshield

News 27 January, 2018
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    The windscreen of the Subaru Forester Camille Vaillancourt, advertising sales consultant for the Access log, has been completely smashed by a sheet of ice.

    Catherine Montambeault

    Saturday, 27-jan-2018 21:07

    Saturday, 27-jan-2018 21:07

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    A motorist has had the scare of her life Friday when a plate of ice being detached from the vehicle as it followed has smashed its windshield. It reminds us of the importance of well-deglaze with his car before hitting the road.

    Camille Vaillancourt was driving towards her home in the middle lane of the highway 15 North, at the height of Saint-Jérôme, where she saw a huge sheet of ice go directly to it.

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    Camille Vaillancourt. Motorist

    “I have not seen the car where the ice is detached, but I followed a person up close, I was very far away “, she said.

    Before the impact, the woman of Saint-Sauveur has had time to see that she was surrounded by cars : it could not, therefore, nor change lanes or brake suddenly.

    “And bang, it hit,” she recalls. The windshield is completely cracked on the shot and the interior rear view mirror flew on to the bench seat in the back. “

    Glass dust

    The membrane of the safety of the windshield has prevented the glass burst into a thousand pieces. But Ms. Vaillancourt is also found covered with dust of glass.

    “My dog was in the back, and when I wanted to return to see if it was correct, I felt the glass enter into my thighs,” she said. I couldn’t move my hands on the steering wheel, which was also full of glass dust. “

    Fortunately, the driver managed to stay calm and take the first exit that she has seen. Neither she nor her pet were not injured.

    “But I don’t know, the reflex that my daughter of 23 years would have been if it had been in my place,” she says. Me, I am a person who has a head cold and I have a lot of driving experience, but it would have been very easy to lose control. “


    Camille Vaillancourt wants his misfortune to serve as a lesson to all motorists who do not take the time to deglaze their vehicle.

    “Sometimes, when I went to the grocery store, I saw a lady who got out of his car, and its roof was full of ice,” she says. I stopped to tell him that it was super dangerous. “

    “Honestly, myself, I was not the person who déblayait still her perfect self, she adds. But I will not take never risk. I’ve seen what it could do. “

    CAA-Quebec reminds that well plowed his vehicle is also important for his own safety and that of other motorists.

    “We need to identify the vehicle as possible : not only windows, but also the hood and roof. Snow or ice that remains on your vehicle, it prevents you from having an optimal view in your mirrors, but it can also detach and cause collisions, ” explains the director of public affairs, Philippe St-Pierre.

    “There are fines foreseen for the vehicles poorly cleared of snow, but beyond that, it is a matter of common sense,” says-t it.