The illicit cannabis market explodes on the web

News 18 February, 2018
  • Pierre-Olivier Zappa

    Sunday, 18 February 2018 18:12

    Sunday, 18 February 2018 18:12

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    Ganja Express, TerraLife, THC Delivery. Dozens of vendors of cannabis are well-established on the web and sell their products. A parallel market and illegal is in full expansion in a few months of the legalization.

    Thousands of Canadians buy their cannabis without a prescription or particular medical condition. “We see that there is a whole infrastructure of sales through the internet, the organized crime is very well prepared,” says Philippe Hurteau, researcher at the Institute of research and socioeconomic information (IRIS).

    To cover their tracks, the majority of these web sites opt for payment methods such as the transfer Interac. Their computer servers are also hosted abroad. “It becomes extremely difficult to keep track of the money. You will find dozens of companies facade,” said Paul Laurier, ex-investigator of the Sûreté du Québec.

    Canada post, an accomplice to involuntary

    These vendors of pot 2.0 can count on an unwilling accomplice: Canada Post. The Crown corporation ensures the delivery of the drug, its detection systems do not allow you to intercept the greater part of the goods. “There is that Canada Post is in the process of adapting. At this time, they are overwhelmed,” suggests Mr. Laurier.

    The prices posted by the sellers on the web range between$ 7 to$ 10 per gram. “We will see most certainly a competition between the legal market and the black market, which seems to be a step ahead now,” said Mr. Hurteau.

    “It is relatively easy to stop the producers or sellers are illegal. It simply requires that the authorities have a strong will”, said the lawyer Jean-Raphael Champagne. However, police sources have confirmed to TVA News that few resources will be deployed to eradicate these sellers are illegal. Currently, efforts are focused on the sale of more dangerous drugs, such as Fentanyl.