The inhabitant of Udmurtiya raped his four year old daughter

News 6 December, 2017

In the Udmurt Republic will appear in court resident of the Sarapul district, accused of raping his four daughters. It is noted that the defendant may be found insane and sent for compulsory treatment. The information provided in the Investigation Department RF IC in the region.


Child abuse, took place on 23 July this year. According to investigators, the man that day, he brought his family on vacation on the Kama river in the Kambarka district. While the wife rested, the father of the family called little daughter for a walk along the shore. While walking he suddenly grabbed the child and dragged into the bushes, where he subjected her daughter to sexual abuse.

It was later revealed that the man suffers from mental illness, but he hid his illness from a psychiatrist when he got a driver’s license. Forensic examination found that the responsibility for his actions, the attacker can not. It is waiting for compulsory treatment. Also, in order to prevent, his licence will be cancelled.