The investigators believe that Zakharchenko bought the castle in London during his service in the interior Ministry

News 14 December, 2017

Unconfirmed sources released information that during a search of the civil wife of Dmitry Zakharchenko, the representatives of the Federal security service asked for documents on the housing located abroad.


It is worth Recalling, at this moment under investigation on the case of Dmitry Zakharchenko, ex-the Deputy chief of Department “T” of the Ministry of internal Affairs to combat corruption in connection with charges against him for abuse of power and taking bribes. The lawyer of the civil wife Zakharchenko said that Mary Semynina does not possess any documents for foreign housing and does not know anything about it.

Also a human rights activist Maria noted that all the funds that the FSB seized as a result of the search, was the last Finance Semennoi to exist. Note that in connection with the search of Mary was removed more than two thousand euros, as well as a variety of gadgets and medical records of children.