The iPhone 8 will be worth less than 1000 dollars, according to an analyst

Techno 5 April, 2017

The iPhone 8 would not exceed the $ 1,000 mark. According to one analyst, it would be worth between 850 and 900 euros.
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iPhone, Apple should market an iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition in addition to the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. And according to the rumors, this version of the smartphone would be even more attractive than those that preceded it. A few hours ago, meltyStyle told you that the Cupertino firm had ordered 70 million OLED screens to Samsung . All would be destined for the iPhone 8, to which Apple predicts a great success. But contrary to what one imagined, the anniversary smartphone could be marketed at a price lower than 1000 dollars … This is in any case what think some analysts, including Steven Milunovich.
According to Steven Milunovich, analyst for the UBS merchant bank, the iPhone 8 will be worth less than 1000 dollars. Based on the assumption that an iPhone 8 64 GB will cost 70 to 90 dollars more to produce than an iPhone 7s Plus, it rather relies on a sale price of 850-900 euros . It remains expensive, but it is much less than what we have heard so far. Besides its OLED screen, the iPhone 8 should benefit from an innovative design with a glass shell and the lack of Home button. It would also have a fingerprint reader on the front, and a facial recognition system more powerful than that of Samsung . The Galaxy S8 can therefore shake! You must be logged in on meltyStyle to be informed of all leaks concerning the iPhone 8.