The Israeli army sends additional forces to the West Bank of the Jordan river

News 7 December, 2017

The defense forces of Israel had sent additional reinforcements in the form of units of the Israeli army in the West Bank. These measures were taken to ensure the protection and exploration in view of recent statements by Donald trump.


We will remind that on Wednesday, December 6, is the current President of the United States Donald trump is officially recognized as the capital of the state of Israel the city of Jerusalem. Also, the American leader has declared that in connection with these changes, the U.S. Embassy be moved to Jerusalem from tel Aviv. Because of the decision of the American President, the press service of the Israeli army reported that for intelligence operations, and defense of the region on the West Bank of the Jordan river were sent additional units.

We will add that earlier the leaders of several Arab countries asked Donald trump not to make such decision as it may give rise to a new conflict that breaks out in the region.