The journalist of “Izvestia” attacked a place of wreck of An-148 in the suburbs : Crime news : Vladim

News 11 February, 2018

Journalist of the Patriotic newspaper “Izvestia” Alexander Samokhvalov was attacked by the unknown. The reporter was working on a place of wreck of An-148 in the suburbs, when he struck several blows.


The video, which appeared online and on social networks recently, you can see how the unknown man at first strongly pushes, and then gets Samokhvalova, quietly working on the scene. The journalist received a severe concussion. Now he intends to write to law enforcement authorities a statement about the attack.

It should be recalled that the an-148 aircraft fell in Ramenskoye district after departure from Domodedovo. On Board were 71 passengers. There were no survivors.