The Kurds have seized in Syria ISIS terrorists out of Russia In the World : Vladim

News 11 January, 2018

Kurds managed to capture the terrorist ISIS* (banned in Russia), who identified himself as a native of Russia. Citizen was detained along with his wife and two children. The family left Russia and moved to Turkey.


The man was active in the group from the Caspian. To leave the territory of Russia made him that his accomplices seized the security services. Citizen served as a doctor in a banned organization. He has collaborated with members of the group for about three years. The detainee fought in different towns of Syria.

The man asked why he moved to Turkey and not in Europe. According to him, in this state, an order of magnitude easier to cross the border. You can negotiate and you will forge the necessary documents. Details of their migration, the citizen chose not to report because he did not know how to get it done. He just paid the money and helped him cross the border. Informed that man was made in Russia in the terrorist base.

* – The organization was prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation decision of the Supreme court