The last friend of the liberals

News 16 March, 2018
  • PHOTO Didier Debusschère

    Michel Hébert

    Friday, 16 march 2018 15:05

    Friday, 16 march 2018 17:54

    Look at this article

    It is strange that obligation sudden having a tramway in Quebec city. Tram, bus and a version trance in the suburbs: the trambus.

    We hasten, we are angry as if the end of the world was for tomorrow. As if Justin Trudeau was going to aim for a balanced budget next Monday. Or, more plausibly, as if it was absolutely necessary to bind the hands of a prospective government caquiste. The manoeuvres of this kind are rarely a guarantee of success.

    It fell from the sky after the recent local elections, yet this project had been rejected by the two main actors of the current frenzy policy. However, a modern network would not be too much to Quebec. Yet it must also be used to remedy the real problems of congestion…

    Philippe Couillard and Régis Labeaume have always found that it was too expensive, a tram. They have turned cover together, as buddies, watching the calendar…

    In private with the mayor Labeaume, Mr. Couillard proved to be more liberal, which was unrealistic in the mouth of Ann Guerrette, became logical in that of the mayor. So going to the tram!

    Photo courtesy, City of Québec

    And it press! Everything is unpacked, signed, and yada yada yada, as soon as possible, before the fall and the election of the CAQ… This is a dangerous game for a mayor.

    In fact, what difference would a few more months, if not more, time to find a real solution to the congestion, seek necessary corrections to the binding Québec/Lévis, problems that a tram does solutionnera not.

    You can only see a reference elevator pre-election of the last friend of the liberals. And all the world sees it…

    The taxpayers of the capital should not accept to be pushed, confronted with an adventure expensive which they know almost nothing. Nothing except that it will be in a deficit and added to the burden on municipal tax.

    Besides, no one is fooled and believes in this bill of three billion, scribbled for a press conference until the plans and specifications.

    If painting a bridge costing $ 400 million, the additions preliminary defining a network structure of 23 kilometers is purely theoretical, and necessarily false.

    Photo archives Jean-François Desgagnés

    The citizen is taxable, you know well that its province is not always exemplary.Here, the anticipated costs are subject to unforeseen events and generally erroneous. The UPAC is born of this tradition of the “extras”, so dear to the wildlife parasite of public contracts…

    In la Belle province, so care is required. The current willingness of the administration Labeaume can only arouse mistrust, or even fear of a mega skid.

    Justin Trudeau may well be the mayor of all the confidences possible, it does not mean that Ottawa will extend “hundreds of millions”. We saw with Bombardier and Davie at what point the feds may be a chick… no matter what tells the Charmer of the ladies…

    There is another source of suspicion : he was invited recently to more modesty those who were calling for a “third link”. Again, electoral calendar requires, modesty no longer: you can have it all…

    But, obviously, the “third link” does not enjoy the same runaway government; almost nothing has been done and the principal stakeholders are kept in the dark.

    Philippe Couillard was primarily to take ownership of the new project of the mayor Labeaume to short-circuit François Legault. It is made of. The tram, however, will change color: red would be more honest…

    It was almost embarrassing to see, on Friday, the laugh of good heart. The discomfort will not be dispelled anytime soon…